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How to lose weight without dieting – 5 rules of weight loss

You’re addicted to cookies, cake, bread and ice-cream but summer is coming and your clothes are getting smaller? This article might help!

How to lose weight without dieting 5 rules of weight loss
Not losing weight

Here we go again with the weight loss discussion. Thinking how to lose weight is, let’s be honest, can be stressful, especially when we reach the obese level. This is where you’ll stop eating the things that you love (or probably passionate about?) in eating, and say hello to a new lifestyle that may suck at first, but is highly beneficial.

So really, how to lose weight without hating life? Without hating food? Isn’t the thought where it’ll take weeks or even months to shed a lot of weight, but gain easily in even just a week?

This is the reason why we’re changing our lifestyle. Doing things that will make you fit will not be tone temporarily, but be done until we get used to it. Making it a habit may be hard at first, but all efforts will be worth it in the end.

The reason why you clicked to read this article is to know more, right? So buckle up, and set your expectations high! Because we’re going to list down 5 rules in losing weight!

First and foremost, have you ever wondered why diets won’t work?

Here’s the answer: if you’ve probably tried exercising and cutting down your food portions, right? That said, the main reason why the results didn’t last or didn’t really work is because you’ve likely to fail to maintain it.

“Temporary changes create temporary results.” is our main idea here. If you started going to the gym to burn a huge amount of calories and chose a diet plan (Intermittent fasting, Keto diet, Paleo diet, Vegan, etc.), done it and saw results – AND STOPPED – then, that dream body also kissed you goodbye. This means, like what was mentioned earlier, it has to be a lifestyle.

But see, there’s no need to be upset about our past stories anymore, because we should focus on what we can do to achieve the body that we’re dreaming of. Of course, nothing works overnight, and no pain, no gain. Before we start, lift up your head, focus on the goal, and have the right attitude. Keep reminding yourself that this is a challenge, you can do this, and nothing is impossible for those who believe and fight! So let’s get started!

Rule 1: Burn more calories than you consume.

How to lose weight without dieting 5 rules of weight loss

In other words, count your calories. We all know that each food has its own calorie count. With that, you’ll figure out how many calories you’re taking in. On the other hand, what you should do is to burn those calories that you consumed. We eat food to strengthen our bodies – that strength from our food should be used for our activities to survive daily. So get moving! Burn those calories by walking, running, stretching, or doing any physical activity that suits your lifestyle. If you’re working in an office from 9 am to 5 pm in front of the computer, then there’s a way! Walk more when going to work or getting back home. Move around during breaks. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. There’s no reason to be lazy! Remember, you can do this! To enjoy more your everyday work out, here’s our very own Gym Clothing Apparel.

Rule 2: Choose the right food.

How to lose weight without dieting 5 rules of weight loss
Right food to get moving

Okay, okay. The title says ‘without dieting,’ but you can’t possibly give some efforts when eating, right? But the point is, there’s no need to hate food because there are lots of ways to make our foods interesting and you just need to be creative!

Here are some of the foods that we recommend:

The best way to do that is to focus on the right kind of food:

Protein: meat and legumes.

Fresh fruits and high fiber vegetables.

Healthy carbohydrates: rice, quinoa.

Healthy fats like almonds and olive oil.

Occasional cheese and dairy.

These foods tend to be lower in calories than processed foods that have been designed to be overeaten. Because there’s the sad fact that, our favorite processed foods contain the largest amount of calories. And yes, sweets, potato chips, fries are some of the foods that contain lots of calories.

Our biggest recommendation under this category is, cutting down the carbs. They’re mostly the culprit in gaining weight.

Rule 3: Control your environment.

How to lose weight without dieting 5 rules of weight loss
Healthy lifestyle

If your kitchen if full of the unhealthiest foods, then you’re missing the point of doing your weight-loss goals. We know how tempting it is to buy the processed foods and soft drinks in the grocery store, but avoiding them is not simply a request, but a MUST. Without discipline, nothing will be accomplished. Say goodbye to those. But if you really can’t help it, cheat days (probably just twice a month) would be valid, as long as it will be limited. Because if you’ll keep on going back to your old eating lifestyle, then you’ll end up fooling yourself. We need to do some sacrifices to discipline ourselves. Sure, let’s face it, it will be hard at first. But you can do it as long as the willingness is there.

Rule 4: Eat breakfast

Skipping meals can be tempting to avoid calories, but it’s not the best way to trim down. But one thing that we don’t usually realize is, “when we skip breakfast, the more calories you’ll eat throughout the day,” says Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, author of The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the New Food Pyramids. “Studies show people who eat breakfast have lower BMIs than breakfast-skippers and perform better, whether at school or in the boardroom.” It’s about balance and being mindful of your portions. Besides, eating breakfast will give us the strength that can make us be alert from morning to evening. So never skip it.

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Rule 5: Have the right perspective.

Everything begins from the mind. Without goals and motivation, nothing will happen. You’ll end up simply staring at fit people from afar and your dream body would simply be just a dream. Cheer up! Learn how to think positive things about yourself. Losing weight is not a walk in the park, because everything takes time. But having the right perspective can change a lot of things. Getting rid of one bad habit per month like dropping your carbs and sugar intake would make a big difference. Eat more fruits and stay active that’s how to lose weight. You’ll get there soon enough. You can do this!


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