9 Crucial Steps to Engage Your Audience on Social Media
The key to becoming a successful social media user is in the engagement.

Social media has revolutionized the digital world. For one, it has improved how we communicate with friends and loved ones. It also became a major source of entertainment.

Setting aside fake news is in social media where we became more aware of what’s happening around the world. It has also become an avenue to express our thoughts and creativity through memes and photos.

Facts about social media usage

Statistics show that there are about 3.5 billion social media users around the world as of 2019. That represents about 45 percent of the world’s total population. 68 percent of the total population are Facebook users.

Here are other interesting facts about social media that business owners want to take note (source: Emarketer):

  • 90 percent of social media users are millennials. Meanwhile, 77.5 percent of Gen X-ers also have social media accounts. Less than 50 percent of social media users are Baby Boomers.
  • On average, a person spends about 3 hours a day doing stuff on social media (ex. sharing memes, posting updates, messaging).
  • 54 percent of social media users use the platform to search and learn more about products and services.
  • 91 percent of social media users access their respective accounts via their mobile phones.

Social media and marketing efforts

9 Crucial Steps to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Given the popularity of social media, it is no wonder a lot of businesses take advantage of it. Aside from entertainment and communication, social media is a great avenue to promote your business.

However, it is important to understand how you can utilize social media in your business. For one, you should consider your target market when promoting your business. You should also think about what kind of promotion you will do on social media.

Steps to planning a successful social media campaign

Identify the right social media platform

First of all, you should identify which type of social media platform to use for your campaign. It will depend on your target market and the type of business you have. There are tools you can use to help determine the right customers and increase social your media audience.

For example, Facebook and Instagram are great channels to promote your business to your millennial target market. If you are a business catering to other businesses (B2B), you may want to promote your business via LinkedIn.

Come up with content

By now, you have already identified your audience market and the right social media platform. The next step is creating content that will be appealing to your target market. There are also tools that can help you create effective social media posts.

Create an engaging hashtag

Social media platforms also use hashtags as a way to reach and build your target market. These help social media users find you in just a few clicks. You can check out tools to help you come up with hashtags that can help your business.

Make your posts shareable

If you have a website, make sure to link your content to your social media pages and vice versa. This is one of the most important objectives of social media marketing: to spread the word to other people especially your target market.

Utilize SEO

If you are writing content to your website or social media page, make sure it has a catchy title. The kind of title that will encourage users to click on it. Of course, the headline should not be misleading. Otherwise, your page might be reported and blocked.

Use eye-catching visuals

Studies show that 94 percent of social media content has more views when there are images or videos in it. On Instagram, about 38 percent of contents with faces receive more likes than those without one. This means visuals can create a major impact on your content.

Consider posting videos

Some users tend to get bored easily when reading long posts or captions. You can post videos along with copy as an effective way to promote your content. This can help increase user engagement and even encourage them to share your content.

Be active on your social media page

Make sure to be active on your social media page. From friend requests, personal messages (PM), to comments, you should be able to respond as soon as you see it. Social media users love a brand/company who actually responds and interacts with them.

Utilize your profile picture and cover photo

Create a profile picture that can be easily recognized even if it is teeny-tiny on your screen. Say, your official logo or one of your most popular product. You can also make your cover photo a promotional billboard. Say, if you have an upcoming promo or event.


Social media has revolutionized the way we live. From Friendster and MySpace, now we have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Not only it whiled away our boredom but it also made us closer to our friends and loved ones. At the same time, it has helped a lot of businesses reach their customers without spending a lot.

Now you have all the tools you need to get more audience on your social media. What about reviving your Facebook business page and getting started? Click HERE!

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