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A Novice’s Common Errors When Trying To Get In Good Shape

A novice’s common errors when trying to get in good shape
Have no fear, and be sure to avoid making these common mistakes

Get in shape is a timely common goal for almost every individual. Everyone starts at the bottom of every journey they wish to take. In working out, you need a sufficient intensity, time and frequency. As you progress, you’ll start to notice changes in your weight, body fat, endurance, and strength. A specific type of workout that you watch over YouTube are only suggestions and doesn’t guarantee that you will enjoy it or it will work for everyone, you have to modify them as needed based on your fitness level, schedule, and preferences.

Everyone commits a mistake, even in trying yourself to get into shape. Beginners are more prone to committing mistakes during the early stages of their fitness journey, the most important thing is upon committing a mistake, it should be addressed properly and immediately.  

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Are you aware of these common mistakes? Are you one of them? Read further and find out.

1. Shiny Object Syndrome. In today’s society, most people crave instant gratification. They usually get tripped up on the continuous chase for the next best thing but once they got bored, they lose interest and come up with another new thing and these become a cycle for some without even realizing it or they do it subconsciously.

Keeping up with this type of routine won’t let you accomplish anything. Following a specific program won’t give you immediate results, as results may differ from one person to another and results need time to achieve. But don’t let that be a reason for you to jump into a new one that promises better results. Shiny Object Chasers expect big changes and fast results and will be incredibly depressed when the expected results didn’t happen overnight.

The Solution:

Stop making too many changes in your routine. You need to have the persistence on a workout routine that you picked and stick to it at least for months before jumping into another one. Getting into shape can be dull because it requires clean eating and consistent workouts.

Keep yourself motivated on achieving your goals. It requires at least a few months to have noticeable changes or get you where you want to be, but you will. Just take one step at a time.

2. The Emotional Rationalizer. Are people who tend to twist facts in order for other people to agree with their opinions or feelings. They often feel challenged if someone disagrees with them. Despite being an intelligent person, they are constantly down by their witty brain and can justify anything that they do wrong. They think that they deserve not to follow their program because they have done something to deserve a treat.

The Solution:

If you are the type of person who tends to justify and has an excuse for everything, it’s about time to question your emotion from the equation. Every time you have to make a selection, you immediately make a better choice and stick to it.

You have to create rules for you to follow and disregard your need for emotion, thinking or willpower. Set an alarm on your mobile phone that will remind you of the things that you need to accomplish at a certain time and make sure that you follow through with them.  

3. The No-Fun-Haver. This type of person thinks that exercise is a chore and something that they hate to do, getting into shape is something that would require eating tasteless foods and spending countless hours at the gym to work out for almost every day. He also considers being surrounded by healthy people at the gym as a struggle not to pass out and has all the possible reasons just to stop being healthy.

The Solution:

Find a workout program that you will enjoy instead of sticking into a routine that you hate. Life is short, every second count, Do what you love to do.

4. The Anti-Bulk Toner. This person refuses to lift weights because of the possibility that they will look too bulky and a toned body is their aim on working out. They often avoid the gym’s weights section and is often found using the treadmills, or doing crunches and side bends. They might consider doing weights but would settle into using the lightest dumbbell available and do dozens of repetitions.

The word “toned” is a marketing strategy to entice people, specifically women. Getting bulky by lifting weights won’t happen unless you are consuming a caloric surplus or eating more calories than you burn. Truth to be told, heavy strength training with low repetitions is the way to get “toned” for every woman’s target body.

The Solution:

Proper strength training is the right way to build tight, dense, compact muscle. While eating healthy and training with heavyweights, will make you burn a lot of calories, get stronger and build dense muscle. You may follow a strength training exercise for a month while eating healthy and will see positive results. As your pants will start to fit better, you will also look and feel better.

5. The Underpants Gnome. Are people who would spend a lot of their time reading and collecting articles about fitness and fill themselves with knowledge and ideas but would later hesitate to take their first step for better health.  They are scared to take that first crucial step as this might end up a wrong plan for them or might pick the wrong kind of food.  They would later feel overwhelmed and would choose to no longer take an action.  

The Solution:

Start now, pick a plan that you think you will enjoy and would follow consistently for months or even years. Follow these steps will help you to start:

  1. Pick a workout plan
  2. Follow through with it for 8-12 weeks
  3. Keep track of your progress
  4. Notice the changes in your body
  5. Make adjustments
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 ad infinitum

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