Coronavirus – Easy Home Sanitizing Tips

Home sanitising during Coronavirus
Coronavirus - Easy Home Sanitizing Tips
Easy Home Sanitizing Tips

Coronavirus or COVID-19 shocked the whole world as it rapidly spread in major countries. It is a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus without any determined cure or vaccine. Coronavirus attacks the immune system and shows symptoms of respiratory illnesses, akin to pneumonia.

The virus, which originated from Wuhan, China, began spreading in the fourth quarter of 2019. There are 949,750 confirmed Coronavirus cases worldwide to date. The mortality tally is already at 48,259, and most countries are only just beginning to peak.

Coronavirus can be potentially acquired from direct interactions with a COVID-19 positive patient, or even through merely touching objects that have been touched by an infected person. This is why all major cities around the globe are enforcing a lockdown, in the hopes of containing the virus from further spreading.

Albeit the world’s governments initiating such efforts, one of the best preventive measures to counter Coronavirus is to sanitise your own home. It is still unavoidable to take trips to the supermarket and you can never be so sure of what or who you encounter during those short trips outside the home. The last thing anyone wants is to bring home an unwelcome visitor in the form of a virus.

Since the outbreak started, everyone started hoarding rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper. However, are so many other options to keep our home sanitised and safe from the COVID-19 virus that lives in objects. 

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Here are some of the easy-to-do Home Sanitizing Tips to prevent Coronavirus or any type of virus from penetrating your home. These preventive measures are also safe for children and infants.

Easy Home Sanitizing Tips: Bleach Solution

Make a water and bleach solution comprising of 1 part bleach:100 parts room temperature water. You may use this solution to disinfect high-touch surfaces. Some examples are doorknobs, light switches, AC controls, television remote controls, kitchen and restroom counters, bathtub/shower area, sinks, living room table, and even your floor.  

On average, Coronavirus lives in common objects for 8 to 9 hours. It is encouraged to continually do this every couple of days, especially if you still head out once in a while for errands. You never know what you bring home with you every time you step out of the house.

Easy Home Sanitizing Tips: Kurin Water

Kurin Water is a super alkaline ionized water scientifically developed in Japan. It claims to be the greenest and safest cleaning agent in the market. Think of it as the eco-friendly, child-safe version of bleach.

This sanitising product is all over social media. It is usually purchased to cleat rid of stains on watches and jewelry. However, turns out that it’s an effective non-toxic disinfectant as well, which is very safe to sanitize your children’s toys. Just spritz Kurin Water on the object, wait 30 seconds, and wipe it off. Easy! 

You can also use this to sanitize your mobile phones, laptops, and other personal belongings. Studies found that Coronavirus lives on mobile phones and other gadgets for about 9 hours. It is advisable at this point to sanitize objects that you always touch or bring outside the house.

Easy Home Sanitizing Tips: UV Light

UV light is available in different forms and sizes. There are larger exposed UV lights that can disinfect an entire room, and there are also pocket-sized shelled UV lights. This is perfect for disinfecting items that you can’t afford to get soaked in bleach or Kurin Water. Some of which are upholstery, mattresses, and even your car’s interiors. Avoid Coronavirus from living in your space effectively in just one press of a button.

For those with infants at home, the pocket UV can also be used for baby bottles. The pocket UV is rechargeable and portable. It’s easy to bring it everywhere, and it has a wireless option when used with batteries.

The amount of time it takes to disinfect each object or room depends on how big the area is. Usually, it only takes about 5 minutes to UV a regular sized pillow with a pocked UV. For an exposed UV, it takes about an hour to cover a 20 square meter room.

Easy Home Sanitizing Tips: Portable Steamer

Another way of sanitising is through a classic detergent solution for scrubbing, then heated with a steamer to dry. The detergent solution can be used to scrub items that cannot be placed inside a washing machine. Use a portable steamer to dry after scrubbing. You can use the steamer on pillows, chairs, couches, mattresses, and other upholstered surfaces. It dries the fabric quickly as well. 

Steaming worth the extra few minutes because Coronavirus lives in fabrics as well. Heat is what sterilizes your items and kills the virus, so this step is essential after washing.

Coronavirus - Easy Home Sanitising Tips
Sanitize high-touch areas consistently

While the world is in the middle of this pandemic, it is always best to do everything in your capacity to prevent the virus from spreading. It all starts with protecting your own family in keeping your home clear of Coronavirus. Practicing these simple sanitizing measures could actually save a life.

Everyone needs to do their part in ensuring that this lockdown will be a success in eliminating the virus once and for all. The safety of your community starts in your own home. Keep safe, everyone.


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