Cupping - Add it to Your Weight Loss Program for Better Results

Losing weight is a lifelong battle for many people that wanted to be fit and healthy. Fad diets and body training are just tiring you out. Most of you have already tried supplements as an alternative. Yet there are still no results of weight loss.

It feels like being stuck in a labyrinth where there is no way out. In this journey, you need a lot of patience while trying every approach. But don’t worry, even if you have tried many fitness regimens but still does not work for you, always keep in mind that you are just one step closer to your goal.

Undergoing treatments could be the answer to your dilemma. If you have never heard of cupping, here is what you need to know.

Cupping, what is it really?

Cupping - Add it to Your Weight Loss Program for Better Results

From ancient times, cupping was used as alternative medicine by Egyptians, Chinese, and some Middle Eastern cultures. Cupping therapy improves blood circulation on the affected part of the body. Thus, it promotes natural healing by using special cups.

These special cups were made of glass, bamboos, clay, ceramics, and sometimes silicone. Some quack doctors also used to boil these special cups to improve the quality of the treatment.

Today, cupping therapy still lives on from the massage parlors offering this. Thus, offering a wide variety of benefits to health and weight loss. Small glass domes and fire are used to create a vacuum to the skin.

Recent research shows that cupping treatment can lessen the risk of obesity. From its subjects, it shows that cupping therapy, with proper diet, decreases body fat percentage, cholesterol level, and also body weight.

So, how does it promotes weight loss?

As we age, our metabolism gets slower. The circulatory system weakens over time and stagnation in the blood begins. Stagnation interferes with the delivery of fresh blood into the cells, tissues, and organs. The body also loses its fat-burning tissue making fats hard to burn. Thus, it makes metabolism more inefficient.

Cupping can help revitalize these functions. The suction process causes your blood vessels to expand. The blood vessels will loosen up connective tissue and opens up capillaries. It will then allow the newly oxygenated blood to enter into the vessel. The stagnated blood will then be flushed out to the body through the lymphatic system. Thus, resulting in cell growth and repair as well as accelerate metabolism.

The cupping therapy can also affect tissues four inches beneath the skin. It can remove visceral fat stagnated in the abdominal cavity and to the internal organs.

Cupping targets acupoints of the body

Cupping therapy should not be performed by anyone without proper knowledge. During the session, practitioners placed the cups to the critical points of the body. These critical points are called acupressure points.

The acupressure points are located in 12 meridian channels. Each one correlates to different bodily functions. By cupping therapy, a certain acupressure point allows improving such function.

Why does cupping leave unsightly marks? Is it safe?

Cupping - Add it to Your Weight Loss Program for Better Results

After each therapy, it may leave unsightly marks due to suction of cups. It is safe though so no need to worry. It is just an indication of how severe the stagnation in the body.

These cup marks will also disappear within a week or two. If you have been doing this regularly, those marks could eventually fade at a faster pace. This means that the stagnation does not occur regularly.

Other than cup marks, you will also notice some other symptoms which are an aftereffect of the treatment. During the suction, toxins are also sucked to your body. You may notice black patches, purpura, and other tiny spots. It is totally normal and safe.

Other benefits

Aside from weight loss, cupping also has other benefits to your body. These benefits include local pain relief and overall relaxation.

Also, cupping improves overall health by removing energy blockages. These blockages were identified by TCM practitioners that lessens the flow of energy.

Most athletes use this kind of treatment for muscle soreness. It also improves blood flow for faster muscle and body recovery from soreness.

Cupping also improves your digestion. It restores digestive efficiency that improves bowel movements, indigestion, heartburn and bloating.

Cupping does not apply to all

Before you get your hopes up, take note that cupping is not for everybody. Since this kind of treatment is another approach to fitness and health, it’s possible that this may not be for you and best to be avoided.

If you are currently suffering from skin diseases, hemophilia, and other bleeding disorders, cupping may cause you more harm than good. Cupping treatment can cause bruises to other patients who suffer from the said diseases.

Just to be safe, better to consult a physician regarding your decision to undergo cupping treatment.

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