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Has Your Workout Plan Failed? Here Some Tips to Improve it

Has Your Workout Plan Failed? Here Some Tips to Improve it

We are living in a world where we want everything in an instant. From instant coffee, instant noodles, and other instant food items, who wants to spend a lot of time preparing food when you’re already hungry?

Communication has become a lot easier too, thanks to a speedy Internet connection and social media. You don’t have to fall in line in a telephone booth to call a loved one. Nowadays, you can access all the information and entertainment you need at the palm of your hand.

This also applies to health and fitness. For one, there are a lot of meal plans that promise one common thing: weight loss. There is a lot of work out plans you can follow as well. Regardless of the fitness plan you choose, everyone should start somewhere.

Of fitness and video games

Has Your Workout Plan Failed? Here Some Tips to Improve it

Starting a healthy lifestyle is like playing a video game for the first time: you will start from the bottom. Level 1, if you will.

Level 1 can be the easier one. As you progress, there will be more challenges that frustrate you at some point. But with patience and determination, you will move to the next level later on.

The same goes for your fitness journey. If you are working out for the first time, you won’t be lifting 100 lb. barbells immediately. Instead, you will start with lighter dumbbells first before you are able to lift heavier weights.

The same goes for when you are starting Intermittent Fasting. For one thing, fasting is not an easy task, especially for first-timers. Some would start a shorter fasting period, say, 12 hours. Then, you can make your fasting period longer: 13, 14, 15, 16… until you can already fast for 24 hours.

That said, there should be no shortcuts when it comes to health and fitness. It will take some time before you achieve your target weight or increase muscle mass. More often than not, you will have to work hard for your fitness goals, literally and figuratively.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to rush on things, including their fitness goals. Sure, there are weight loss products that promise results in a shorter amount of time.

However, these can be unsafe and even compromise your health. As a result, your efforts to lose weight or gain those elusive abs may all be in vain.

Having the right fitness mindset

Has Your Workout Plan Failed? Here Some Tips to Improve it

As mentioned, everything we do usually start from somewhere. Even athletes and fitness experts started with little or no experience in their current expertise.

From there, these individuals worked hard to where they are now. Today, they are someone people look up to, thanks to their years of patience, dedication, and passion for their craft.

In fitness, you should remember one thing: starting at Level 1 is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a good place to start. It won’t be as exciting unlike the other higher levels of your fitness journey. But, you’ll get there. It’s not too late to become a healthier version of you, after all.

Sometimes, we might be confused with our ideals and the reality. You might feel motivated and excited thinking about the time you are about to embark on your fitness journey. But once you’re there, you might be surprised by the reality of it.

Achieving your fitness goals is no walk in the park. You might even feel disappointed and even question yourself why you are doing this in the first place.

How did those bodybuilders and models achieve those kinds of bodies? It seems like they are born that way.

While here you are, struggling with the 20-rep push-ups you are told to do in the name of health and wellness. But remember, we need to start from somewhere.

Starting a health and fitness plan

Has Your Workout Plan Failed? Here Some Tips to Improve it

Everything starts with a workout plan. However, it depends on your current fitness level. For example, you might want to test the waters first instead of jumping ahead. The main goal here is to commit to a fitness plan and do it consistently.

Create a fitness plan that you can ensure to commit to instead of quitting cold turkey. For first-timers, you can start with a 10-minute workout every other day. Once you can already brag about your fitness journey, you can start leveling up your routines one step at a time.

You can try lifting smaller dumbbells and do it in a consistent schedule. Add some squats and pushups here and there. You don’t have to do 100 pushups at once or lift 10 kg weights. The keyword here is consistency.

This also applies if you are changing your diet. Crash dieting is a big no-no. There might be some who did lose a significant amount of weight in less than a month. However, most of these lost weights are most likely water weight.

Weight loss and building muscles will take some time, as mentioned. But it’s up to you if you want to take it slow or do it without warning. Nonetheless, the main point here is to stick to your fitness plan regardless of what it is. At the end of the day, consistency is the key to achieve the results you want in life in general.

Have you ever thought to create your own workout plan? Now you have some acknowledge to start doing it! Click HERE for more health and fitness tips!


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