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Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here’s The Truth

You’ve tried everything but the number on the scale just won’t decrease? Here’s why

why can't I lose weight

If only we can eat without the fear of gaining weight, then the world can be a better place. On the one hand, there are some people who seem to be gifted with a fast metabolism. Meanwhile, a lot of people feel guilty about the thought of eating a slice of chocolate cake.

Weight loss is indeed a big deal. In Europe and US alone, various weight loss products and programs contributed to at least $150 billion annually. Still, a lot of people are willing to spend on these weight loss products. Even those who belong to the normal weight range do not have second thoughts of spending some cash to achieve a body like Jennifer Lopez’s.

The truth about losing weight

The truth is that a lot of people want to achieve instant results, including weight loss. Why slave away in the gym when there are products that can promise weight loss in a short amount of time?

Diet pills, diet teas, diet coffees… you name it, a lot of people have most likely tried it. These products promise one thing: lose weight in a couple of days without even breaking a sweat. Sounds tempting? Definitely. In fact, a lot of people would buy these items in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, most of these products can disappoint you. Sure, you might think you did lose a couple of pounds by taking diet pills. However, it can come with a price, literally and figuratively. For one, you might never know what’s in those products. Worse, these unknown ingredients might even compromise your health and even endanger your life.

So, why aren’t you losing weight?

For one thing, exercise is not enough and so is dieting alone. Some people do combine the two, but it seems that it doesn’t work, either. Frustration can set in and even discourage you to continue with this kind of lifestyle. But before that, you need to know why the scale seems not to budge.

You are stressed

People who are stressed tend to overeat to make themselves feel better. It’s a rare thing to hear about stressed people reaching for a bowl of salad when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. Admit it or not, you would gobble donuts and anything fried during those stressful times instead.

You lack sleep

A lot of people tend to take a good night’s sleep for granted. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can also contribute to weight gain. One study revealed the link between sleep deprivation and slow metabolism. Metabolism slows down when you don’t have enough sleep, hence the weight gain.

It might be in your genes

Some people are simply born with speedy metabolism due to their genes. So if you have family members who tend to get fat easily, chances are you might be, too.

It might also be something to do with gender

One study found that men tend to lose weight quicker than women. But this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for weight loss in females. In fact, there is a higher chance of long-term weight loss success in women than in men. Also, it also depends on which body part you are targeting to lose weight. For example, men lose belly fat easier than women.

You do not keep track of your food intake

Sure, you exercise every day. But what about your food intake? You might want to remember the concept of “calories in, calories out”. This means you should burn (at least mostly) what you ate through exercise or any other physical activity.

What to do to lose weight

Losing that excess weight is easier said than done. If you want instant results, then you can go ahead and take those slimming pills. But make sure to be ready for any potential health consequences of taking those so-called weight loss products. Otherwise, you should follow these tips for an effective and safe weight loss.

Set realistic weight loss goals

In case we haven’t mentioned yet, there is no fast and safe way to lose weight. Ideally, you can lose about a pound in a week with proper diet and exercise. However, some people can lose more than a pound a week. However, the important key here is consistency in your weight loss program.

Don’t rely on the scale all the time

There is such a thing called “no-scale victory”. More than weight loss, you should also feel more energetic and happy due to a positive lifestyle change. If you also noticed that your pants fit better, there is definitely progress right there. Also, resist the temptation to weigh yourself every day – the scale can fool you most of the time.

Eat more protein and whole foods

Lessen carb intake as much as possible, and consume more lean meat and fresh food. Avoid processed foods and sweets although you can indulge every once in a while.

At the end of the day, weight loss should not be your primary motivation. Instead, you should also think about your overall health. Likewise, it is all about developing a good relationship with food and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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