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How Much Money Does an Instagram Influencer Make?

ow can someone earn money by just taking a photo of themselves with that brand and putting tons of hashtags?

how much do instagram influencers earn
how much money instagram influencers make ?

 If you’ve ever run across an Instagram post where a popular person promotes a certain product on his/her post, you’ll have an idea of what all of this is all about – social media influencers who are getting paid by sponsoring brands.

            You might be asking, “How can someone earn money by just taking a photo of themselves with that brand and putting tons of hashtags? How much money do they make?” Those are good questions. To start with, a lot of people nowadays are drawn to social media sites. More specifically, Instagram and Youtube which means there will be lots of engagements that will be gained by the influencer all by posting something interesting that can capture a specific audience. Gone are the days where brands will pay some ad space on billboards, giving away flyers, and sometimes, ads are getting lesser on TVs.


Because brands can be more recognized with the help of an influencer who owns thousands or millions of followers/subscribers.

The Kardashian family – a perfect example for influencers

            The more followers and engagements influencers have, the more money they get. You’ve probably seen the caption, “Like, share, follow for updates,” at the end of their posts, haven’t you?

Earnings per follower count and active engagements (on the average, but can be higher):

6,000 – 10,000 (micro-influencers): around $80 per post

50,000 – 80,000 followers: around $150 per post

100,000 – 1,000,000 followers: around $600 per post

It’s surprising, isn’t it? That they’ll just take a photo (with a good quality of course) or record a video and, ka-ching! The income flows. However, it’s not always easy especially for beginners, because it takes time to stand out – at first, an individual who wants to reach that level needs to have lots of followers with active engagements from the netizens before getting paid.

What are the ways to be a social media influencer?

            There are lots of ways to be one and you can choose any that belongs in your field of interest. On websites like Youtube, one of the most popular ways to earn subscribers and engagements are those that are involved in the gaming industry. You’ve probably heard of PewDiePie who’s having the most subscribers on Youtube and his videos are where he’ll play games and give commentaries on it. Those are one of the examples.

            Of course, that’s not the only one. These are some of the examples:

Physical products

You’ve probably seen an influencer who promoted a product in one of his/her Instagram posts – like for example, cosmetics. Influencers are likely to use those cosmetics and take a good photo of them using it and post it on their account.

Sponsored posts

Similar to promoting products, sponsored posts are usually a series of promotions for a certain product, not only one.

Brand ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador means that the influencer would have a long term relationship with the product that they’ll feature. Say, for example, the influencer will have an Instagram account that only promotes that certain product and show how much they ‘mastered’ using it.


This example is where the brand will set an event and the influencer will come to that event. An announcement will be made online, then the fans will come because they’ll see their favorite online celebrity.


This is one of the most popular kinds of gaining engagements and followers online. Such things include featuring places, eating food, exploring the culture and making commentaries about it on their videos for others to know.

Ever had thoughts of following the steps of your favorite social media influencers? Start thinking of the subject you’ll focus on, create content that will stand out, gain more and MORE followers, engage with your audience, and let the brands know that you’re open for collaborations!

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