Hurghada, Egypt: Top 7 Things to Do

Hurghada is the beach resort city of Egypt, stretching 40 kilometers along the Red Sea. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the desert country. Hurghada started gaining the attention of foreign travelers because of its tranquil beaches and turquoise seas. Currently, the city is famous for its scuba diving spots and snorkeling centers. 

The underwater marine life in Hurghada has been dubbed as one of the best in the world. Diving is the primary purpose of travel by most tourists, however, there are so much more to see and experience in the city. Hurghada is generally a modern, cosmopolitan city. Unlike the rest of Egypt that are filled with historical monuments and museums, this beach resort town offers contemporary attractions and natural landscapes.

Hurghada Sand Museum

The Sand Museum or Sand City is the only open-air museum in Africa. It showcases numerous sand sculptures created by young local artists. There are two sections in the museum which are the Mythological Art section and the Wonderland Art section.

The Mythological Art section features pieces and wall statues that represent the rich history of Africa and the Middle East. Here, you will find sculptures of renowned leaders, gods, and legends. Meanwhile, the Wonderland Art section consists of pieces featuring Disney characters.

The Hurghada Sand Museum is perfect for those traveling with kids, as they will surely enjoy and be inspired by the 3D sand art.

Red Sea

Hurghada, Egypt: Top 7 Things to Do

Hurghada has endless stretches of pristine sandy beaches along the Red Sea. Its shores offer the most magnificent views of the coral reefs and underwater marine life. However, not all activities are underwater. One of the primary activities tourists enjoy on the coast of the Red Sea is windsurfing. The beach town’s perfect weather enables first-timers to enjoy the wind and the water through this sport.

If you prefer a slower-paced activity, it is recommended to go sailing on the Red Sea. This is still a unique experience on its own because you can actually see through the water from a boat.

Sindbad Submarines

If you’re in for quite an adventure, take a submarine and watch life below the sea unfold before your eyes. Sindbad submarines are actual, functioning underwater submarines that you can take for a ride in Hurghada.

The submarine can go up to 22 meters deep. For three hours, you will be surrounded by clear blue waters, various species of fish and udnerwater creatures swimming, and colorful coral reefs. It is a priceless experience that will surely be one of your most memorable trips.

Gubal Strait

This is one of the most popular scuba diving spots in the world. It connects the Gulf of Suez to the Red Sea, making it home to some of the best reef and wreck diving sites. There are nearly 30 different dive sites in Gubal Strait. The most popular site is the SS Thistlegorm, which is for advanced divers. It offers one of the best views of wrecks in the world at 120 meters deep.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to go on a free dive, snorkeling is also available along the coast of the strait. A boat may take snorkelers to the take-off point of the scuba divers where you can also jump off. Diving or snorkeling are on top of the list of things you must try in Hurghada.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium

The Hurghada Grand Aquarium is home to over 1,200 underwater animals. It was created for the purpose of inspiring people to appreciate the marine environment and promote conservation of underwater life. Truly, the experience will leave you in awe of the beauty of the unique underwater species.

A full walk-through of the grand aquarium will pass you through large glass walls where you will be seemingly surrounded by beautiful animals. The most breathtaking part is the tunnel wherein as you look above you, vibrant-colored fish are swimming. This should be part of your itinerary especially when traveling with the family.

Quad Bike Safari Ride

Hurghada, Egypt: Top 7 Things to Do

Make your trip to Hurghada a little more interesting by going on a quad bike ride through the sand dunes. If you’re up for the adrenaline rush of driving fast through the dessert, this is the perfect activity for you. Expect that you will not just be driving around the dunes though, as there is a track to follow.

After about an hour of riding, you will reach Bedouin Village. It is a local neighborhood where you can experience the authentic Egyptian lifestyle. In Bedouin, you may relax, get a cup of afternoon tea, try smoking shisha, or maybe even ride a camel if you wish to. This may just be the highlight of your trip as you get to indulge in Hurghada’s rich culture and lifestyle.

Senzo Mall

A vacation in Hurghada is not complete without a visit to Senzo Mall. It is the only shopping mall in the Red Sea area, standing massively at 170,000 SQM. Senzo Mall carries both local and international brands, wherein you can definitely score items for less. If you are an avid shopper looking for quirky finds and local items, then Senzo Mall is your best chance of finding them in Hurghada.

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