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Macronutrient, Fat: All you need to know about it

Macronutrient Fat: All you need to know about it
 This macronutrient must be consumed in moderation in order to maintain a healthy weight.

In every fitness goal, the number one enemy that we need to eliminate is Fat. Among the macronutrient, fat is the leading cause of obesity which leads to many health risks such as having high cholesterol and a lot of health risks.

Despite its bad reputation, our body still needs fat. Whether you like it or not, fat is still essential to make our body function properly. However, a lot of people do not know a lot about it.

Let’s talk about fat!

Functions and benefits of the macronutrient fat

Helps absorb nutrients

Water is not the only compound that can dissolve chemicals, but fats too! The body needs fat to dissolve vitamins, such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K, to absorb nutrients for your body.

Maintains cell membrane health

Every part of your body is made up of cells, technically a basic “unit of life”. Cell membrane surrounds each cell to protect its integrity. They manage inflammation and metabolism. It also helps with regulating hormonal production for the body.

As a backup power generator

Yes. Fat serves as an emergency power source when the body runs out of carbohydrates since it stores up energy.

But before you take a big bite of that steak with overflowing oil and fat, we should know that not all fats are the same. Some may cause your benefits but others increase your health risks. Let’s take a look at the types of fat below.

Types of fat and what is good for you


Macronutrient Fat: All you need to know about it

For those who take their dietary plan, this is the most common fat you will ever hear. You can find this type of fat in animal products namely: meat, egg yolks, and dairy fats. Aside from animal products, plants can also produce this kind of fat such as coconut oil. Too much intake can be linked to a lot of health risks. However, you can control and lower your health risk by exercising and limit the intake of the said foods. 

Monosaturated or Unsaturated

Macronutrient Fat: All you need to know about it

If you encounter these two, they are both the same. This has a positive effect on your body, just with a rightful amount of servings. You can find this type of fat in foods such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, and seeds. However, if you keep on eating Unsaturated Fat with Saturated, you cannot lower your cholesterol levels.


Macronutrient Fat: All you need to know about it

This is also a kind of unsaturated fat but at a higher level. You can find this type of fat is mostly in fish oil, flaxseed, oily fish, walnuts and alike. If you have encounter omega-3 and omega-6, this is the type of Polyunsaturated fat that is essential nutrients which are good for heart health. This is also good for muscles and joints to reduce soreness and improve cognitive performance.


Macronutrient Fat: All you need to know about it

You should avoid this kind of fat totally because it does not produce any benefits to health at all. You can find trans fat in processed meats, chips and crackers, cookies, and all kinds of processed foods. Since this is a man-made fat, it is harder to burn than natural fat as stated above. Processed foods are made to have a longer shelf life however, the body takes more effort to process this kind of fat.

How much do people need?

If you think that eradicating fat from your life, you maybe also putting your health in danger too. We must know the limit on the intake of our food especially macronutrient fat. So where do we draw the line on consuming fat?

Well, it depends on your dietary plan.

If you are into a low-fat diet, you must monitor your daily calorie intake which is around 30 percent calories from fat. The low-fat diet focuses more on carbohydrates or sugar to be used as an energy and reducing fat. However, studies show that low-carb and Mediterranean diets are much healthier than low-fat.

In a Ketogenic Diet, it minimizes the intake of carbs and focuses on fat as a source of energy. Generally, you need to consume around 50 to 75 percent of fat per day.

Lastly, the Mediterranean kind of diet typically has around 35 to 40 percent of fat every day. It includes a lot of unsaturated-fat-kind of food. This is much healthier than the other diet since you are mostly eating fruits and vegetables.

Our body is designed to consume nutrients from the foods we eat. Fat, in general, has several benefits to us and should not be overlooked by its disadvantages. We must limit and control ourselves of the things that could harm us eventually. As the saying goes by, “you are what you eat.” In every aspect of our fitness journey, we should know the food we are eating because it defines who we are.

Now you know everything about the macronutrient fat. What about learning more about diet and health? Click HERE


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