Sales Funneling: Step up your game in the Digital World

Sales Funneling: Step up your game in the Digital World
The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer.

Sales Funneling, in the business world, is a concept where you draw a visual representation of your guide from your prospect’s first contact with you until the first purchase is made.

Sounds like a messy concept? But it is not. Let me put it this way. Imagine you are in a mall with a lot of stores and stalls, you see a food stall offering a “free taste” to engage its potential prospects to purchase the food they offered. Another example is, the concept of “window shopping.” This is where department stores put clothes onto mannequins then show it from the window. As a customer, you have given a chance to put them on then if you think that is good for you, you will purchase the good.

A lot of entrepreneurs, especially the newbies with this kind of industry, are striving to get into the competition because of the ever-changing digital age. Entrepreneurs want to expand their business by the use of a social media platform where a lot of potential clients are just waiting to cross over your ad.

You have read a lot of business articles and you still do not know how to start and maintain your customers or clients in your business. If you doubt yourself into thinking about what have you done wrong or have not done enough, you may want to rethink your strategy and consider Sales Funneling. 

Sales Funneling, in a way, increase the awareness of your potential prospects of what you can offer, then the customer will think or research about it and made an educational purchase. You are giving them the chance to try out your products first then purchase it eventually. It may sound a risky investment but if you put it this way, a lot of successful companies are using their strategy to engage their customers in availing their products.

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If you are still wondering how to apply this into your business, you might as well consider these strategies to make customers grow.

Sales Funneling: Step up your game in the Digital World

Offer something valuable

As the saying goes, “The first impression lasts.” As entrepreneurs, you are designed to compete. Even if there are few to no competitors at all, you need to compete with yourself and offer something valuable that can engage your customers. Since the digital age made our lives easier, on the contrary, the competition in online businesses becomes more difficult in winning customers.

To introduce new customers into your business, offer them a no-cost, yet highly valuable products and services. You may not earn money at first, but you are earning your customers’ trust and time to experience your products. Then convince them to avail of your product which is worth every cent of their wallet. An example of this is companies like Netflix or Spotify, which they first offer a free 1-month trial for their users then offer a more variety of products that will convince its customers to avail of the product or services offered.

Keep away outdated sales copy for a real emotional response marketing

As the digital age emerges, sales copy, pamphlet and such are not applicable today. These copies just stating to purchase a certain product and include much information (or not include at all) will keep turning customers down. As an entrepreneur, advertise your product in a way that your customers would feel empathy. This way, you will not sound like a salesman but a friend who is there in the time of need. The funnel doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to relate your products to the needs and wants of your customers.

Don’t settle your traffic into just one platform

Now that you are dealing with Social Media to market your product, do not settle in one platform. A good entrepreneur always has contingency plans. They don’t fully invest in just one platform to traffic their products and services.

There are times that a social platform is under maintenance or crashes for one day. This will cause havoc into your business and lose control of your investment. Instead, laid down your plan into equal parts just to make sure you still have one or two running streams to traffic your content. Since it is 2020, you may also want to consider content marketing. Optimize the use of emails, blogs, SEO and such. This will also cause traffic instead of social media alone.

Retarget your customers by retargeting campaigns

Consumers nowadays have a low attention span in front of their monitors and phone screens. You need to have clever campaigns to engage your customers in revisiting your business page.

Optimize the use of ads and emails. By doing so, educational videos, valuable articles, inspiring stories, product reviews, testimonials, and customer service contents are your best allies when retargeting your audience. With every content, it must mirror the good side of your business profile to get more customers and engage potential clients.

Step up your game and start to integrate these strategies into your funnels today, surely this will make you stand out among your competitors.


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