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Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

If you are tired of tucking in your belly fat during summer to prevent bulging out your stomach, then here’s your shred summer tips to make your dreams into reality. We will teach you how to lose weight with these tips to help you not to gain weight but to gain confidence.

The Summer season is upon us and everyone is rushing to get their body on the shape. It is where people are stressed in getting their toned and ripped body to flaunt in beaches. Searches on how to lose weight are becoming often to those who want the body they dreamed of.

If you are one of these people, take notes of these tips to get that summer body.

Switch to a high-protein diet

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

Taking a high-protein diet helps set your body to use fat as an energy source than sugar and fats contain proteins. It is not necessary to take away your carbohydrates intake but it is important to limit yourself in consuming much of it.

High protein diet consists mostly of eggs, meat (beef, chicken, and shrimp), nuts, seeds, fish, oats, dairy products, and such. This will help you utilize your fats as an energy source instead of carbs. Keto diet is one kind of high protein, low carb diet.

Research suggests that switching to a high-protein diet can lessen your appetite to eat more than necessary.

Track your calories by the use of calorie counter

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

Calorie counter, like Fitbit, can track your progress whether the training exercise is effective or not. This will also track your heart rate, steps, and other functions that track the impact of your physical activities.

Walk on a treadmill at an incline pace

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

Walking on a treadmill (or terrain) with six percent incline (or so) will greatly help you reduce many calories. You can burn 1000 calories in an hour with 4 mph speed. A couple of cardio exercises will also help you lose weight.

Lift weight to help you lose more weight

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

Training other muscle groups can also have a benefit to lose your weight. Lifting weights is one way to burn your fats quickly to trained the trained areas. It can also improve your muscles to utilize your sugar efficiently.

Take note that weight training should be done gradually. If you are not used to lifting weights or not doing it regularly, you may end up straining your muscles. It is better to lift lighter weights with many reps than to lift heavier weights with fewer reps. Your body is more likely to lose calories by doing the first one than the latter.

Drink coffee or Green tea

Drinking coffee or green tea may be good for losing weight. Coffee and tea have a common denominator which is caffeine. Caffeine helps improve metabolism rate to your body which will burn more calories.

Biking and/or Swimming

Summer Shred Tips: 10 Ways to Burn up to 3600 Calories Extra

If your budget does not limit you by doing biking and swimming, go for it. These exercises use your whole body. You can burn more calories than doing some dull exercises that can keep you demotivated. It is also much more fun than doing training exercises.

Say ‘no’ to sugary foods and beverages all the time

This will not help you at all and it counters all your hard-earned fitness achievements. You need to keep focused on your goal and resist temptation. It will turn your hard work into waste if you can’t control yourself in consuming such foods.

Weigh yourself every day

Weighing yourself every day will not only track your progress but also it will keep yourself motivated as you step closer to your goal. It is also one way to maintain your weight and control your food intake whenever your weight is getting bigger again.

Burn calories even when you slumber

Research suggests that keeping your room in a cooler temperature will help you lose weight. If you can tolerate the coldness in your room, switch your blankets into the thinner ones so you can shed a calorie while you sleep.

Regular sleeping pattern

Going to bed early and waking up on time is one way to keep your weight journey at a good pace. The body needs to get a good quality of sleep at night to keep your body functions properly. A good sleeping pattern can also help repair your muscles due to training and exercises.

Poor sleep can just slow your metabolism. It can ruin your figure if you keep staying up late at night. Oversleeping can also give you a disadvantage. It can give you fat gain, muscle loss, and inability to control appetite.

It is important to maintain 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults to keep our bodies functioning properly.

Whatever your body state is, losing weight should be done in the healthiest way possible to prevent in getting more health risks. It is also important to research the appropriate diet for you. It is also better not to force your body beyond your capacity. Learn to appreciate your progress.

It is also better to give fitness more attention and maintaining it to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you are just doing this because you want to flaunt your body in summer, you are doing it for the wrong reason. Celebrations and holidays may hinder us in eating unhealthier foods, but with proper mindset and discipline, we can limit and eradicate unhealthier life choices for the benefit of our body.


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