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Top 20 things to do in Siargao Philippines

Surfing, island hopping, magical sunsets and much more

Surf on the waves not on the web Siargao

Siargao Surfing
Surfing Siargao

When you’re in the surfing capital of the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the first thing you have to do is grab a surf board, paddle out to the topaz sea, and then you surf and you surf and you ride and you crash and then you’re underneath and then you surface. It’s the most euphoric and thrilling feeling because despite then danger and the risk, you know you’re still alive and it feels like all the mess in your head is drowned out and you get some kind of mental clarity. When you’re out there, it’s just you and the water. When you’re surfing on the waves instead of the web, you get to avoid a surfing incident when your girlfriend or wife catches you watching your exes’ nudes on your google drive. You get to get away from the chaos and just ooze out the raw exultation of being in the water and being in harmony with Mother Nature. And then you paddle out again, get back to your lineup, get your wave, you ride and ride and you crash again and you take on that wave then you pop up and you keep riding. You keep living.

Surf spots in Siargao & suggested skill level:

  • Cloud 9: Expert
  • Quiksilver: Inner beginner, outer intermediate
  • Jacking Horse Outer: Inner beginner, outer intermediate
  • Tuason: Expert
  • Stimpy’s: Intermediate
  • Rock Island: Intermediate
  • Salvacion: Intermediate
  • Cemetery: Intermediate
  • Daku: Intermediate
  • Giwan: Beginner
  • Pacifico: Expert
  • Burgos: Expert

Cost: Most resorts offer board rental and tutorials with a standard rate of P500 per hour for the use of longboard and service of an instructor. For board rental only: P300 for half day; and P500 for whole day. Entrance fee to visit boardwalk: P50 per person

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Go island hopping in Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island all in Siargao

Siargao Naked island
Siargao Naked Island

For non-surfers, fret not because you can still have an action-packed adventure in Siargao and one of the most popular activities is to get off the island and visit three beautiful islands namely Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island which are only a short long-tail boat trip away from General Luna.

  • Guyam Island, Siargao is a dazzling little oasis covered in palms and cerulean water. It’s so small you can walk from one side of the island to the other in just 50 steps!
  • Daku Island, Siargao got its name for the Visayan term for huge and is the biggest island of the tour. There’s native-style cottages line the beach, perfect for chilling in the shade and enjoying a seafood banquet! The water around the island is also ideal for snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving.
  • Naked Island, Siargao Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not a nudist beach. It’s just named Naked Island because there’s no trees and cottages around.

To book your Siargao Island hopping experience online, the best price and most reliable one is on Klook. The price is very similar to what you will find at the street vendors (and likely on the same boat). For about Php 1000- Php 2000 you get your full day of island hopping and lunch included.

Visit Mapupungko tidal pools

 Mapupungko  Siargao
Mapupungko Siargao

This alluring nature spectacle is located in Pilar, Surigao del Norte which is a 30-min to 1-hr ride away from Genera Luna. These stunning pools only surface during low tides so in order to witness its full splendor, make sure to come at around 11 am- 3pm or check the tidal schedule online to be certain. If you’re an adrenaline-junkie, there’s a plethora of spots where you can get your backflip on but make sure you wear watershoes because the rocks are very jagged and sharp to climb.

To get here, you can ride a moped (habal-habal) going to Pilar that will cost you around Php 350- Php 500 depending on where you are from. Entrance fee is at Php 50/pax but they usually give discounts to groups of 10 and above.

Explore Del Carmen’s Sugba Lagoon

Del Carmen's sugba Lagoon Siargao
Del Carmen’s sugba Lagoon Siargao

Another day trip you can enjoy is going to Sugba Lagoon which is about an hour boat ride from Del Carmen or an hour and a half boat ride from General Luna. It’s a 4 200- hectare picturesque sanctuary surrounded with mangroves, low cliffs and beautiful islands with limestone formations. Activities at Sugba Lagoon include snorkeling, renting a big wood raft, SUP boards, diving board, swimming and relaxing in the cafe.

Visit Tayangban Cave pool

Tayangban Cave pool Siargao
Tayangban Cave pool Siargao

Another inland experience you should definitely add to your IT is to visit Tayangban Cave Pool. Here you’ll discover the unique twin cenotes, bat caves and emerald rock pools on a canyoneering adventure at Tayangban Cave. After climbing and swimming you will see a huge archway that welcomes you back to sunlight and to the the serene pool with shining shimmering splendid water where you can cliff jump from seven meters.

Try Shaka Cafe smoothie bowls

Shaka Cafe Siargao
Shaka Cafe Siargao

            Located just right across Cloud 9 Beach, Shaka Bowl serves the most delectable and Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls. The menu will coax the most unhealthy person to become healthy with their range of smoothies, fresh juices, vegan snacks & artistic and colorful power bowls.

Bask in the lovely warmth of sunset at the secret mangrove wharf

siargao sunset
Siargao sunset

After all the cliff diving, swimming, snorkeling and what have you, it’s nice to just stop and watch as the day wave goodbye with the alluring crimson hues of sunrays across the sky. The perfect spot to do this is in the mangrove located in a small town in the northeast of Siargao.

Let your inner Tarzan loose in the bent palm tree rope swing in Maasin

Maasin Swing Boracay
Maasin Swing Siargao

Although there are tons of bent palm trees located in the island, the one situated in the Maasin River which is a 40-min drive from General Luna stands out most because it is the perfect place to let loose your inner Tarzan and flaunt your backflip.

Venture out into Siargao nightlife

Siargao Nightlife
Siargao Nightlife

 One of the most cathartic thing usually people do in Siargao after a day in the beach is to hit night parties and just douse themselves with music and alcohol and move their body in convoluted ways. There are plenty of bars to choose from and every night the party has different venue you just have to ask where parties at.

 Join a karaoke sesh

Karaoke is indubitably an integral part of Filipino culture and is an essential ingredient for enjoying a drinking session in the Philippines. While visiting the island for few days, no matter how many awesome things there are to see or how many waves you want to ride, you have to get to know and hang out with the people who lives there and karaoke is one of the most fun way to do that.

Go on a road trip and explore the island

Siargao comprises of several municipalities and there are more wonderful places that is not usually traversed that you can check out during your spare time. While driving down the winding road without a destination in mind, you might stumble upon new discoveries and detours along the way and gives you a chance to soak up the beauty of the island more.

Cliff diving

Siargao Cliff diving Taktak Falls
TakTak Water Falls Cliff Diving

Aside from surfing, Siargao is also rich in cliff diving spots. If you’ve been craving that adrenaline burst, here’s a list of cliff diving spots you can check out:

  • Tayangban Cave Pool: 7 meters
  • Magpupungko Tide Pools: 4 meters
  • Magkuku-ob Cave: 5 meters
  • Sugba Lagoon Diving Board: 3 meters
  • Secret Cliff Jump Sugba Lagoon: 8 meters
  • Club Tara Diving Board: 5 meters
  • Tak Tak Falls: 3-6 meters

Go on a food trip

They say the best way to a man’s heart, aside from a scalpel, is through his stomach. Truly, Siargao will capture your heart not only with its beautiful landscapes and surfing haven but also with the delectable cuisines the island has to offer. Here’s a list of restaurants you can check out.

Visit Sohoton Cove in Socorro

Sohoton falls Siargao
Sohoton falls Siargao

Sohoton Cove can be reached from General Luna in two hours using a motorized boat or by a speed boat in 45 minutes. It is popular for its non-sting jelly fish which you can swim with. There are also a lot of cool spots including the blue lagoon, the crystal cave, Hagukan cave, Magkuku-ob Cave, and the Club Tara Resort Diving Board.


Permit Fee:

Foreign – Php100.00/head

Local – Php50.00/head

Entrance with environmental Fee (with safety gears: helmet and life jacket)

Foreign – Php190.00/head

Local – Php90.00/head

Docking fee – Php50.00

Pump boat (Sohoton cove tour) – Php500.00

2 local boat guides – Php330.00

Paddlers (Sohoton Jelly Fish) – Php100/head

Visit the Natural Jacuzzi pool on Hagonoy Island

Hangonoy Island Siargao
Hangonoy Island Siargao

This place isn’t very well known but it is equally superb as the other popular destinations in Siargao. Just like the Mapupungko tidal pool, the Natural Jacuzzi pools on Hanoyoy Island are tidal, meaning that they are only accessible on low tide when they are exposed so it’s best to go there at around 11 am- 3pm.

Watch the sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier Sunset Siargao
Siargao Santa Monica Pier

Another spot where you can watch the delightful flashes of the bright hues of the sun slowly dim is in Santa Monica pier. It’s located in the northern tip of Siargao where almost nobody goes which is perfect if you just want to bask in the serenity of the island.

Try coconut ice cream

Siargao Coconut Icecream
Coconut Ice Cream Siargao

This precious gem can be availed at a café called situated in the small town of Burgos, near Pacifico. Aside from the coconut ice-cream, they also serve a variety of high quality, fresh food, like vegetarian cold rolls, wraps and fresh smoothies which is not that common up north in Siargao.

Visit Taktak falls

Taktak Falls
Taktak Falls Siargao

If you want to try something different from long stretches of seascape and horizon, Taktak Falls offer a fresh, cool and refreshing scenery. Although the ride via a habalhabal can be butt-numbing, it’s always a scenic voyage on this magnificent island.

Go to the Pacifico lighthouse

Pacifico Lighthouse
Pacifico Lighthouse Siargao

One of the historical beacon you should definitely add to your IT is to go and see the Pacifico lighthouse located at Baybay Burgos, north of Siargao. There you can watch the sunrise or sunset, get a bird’s eye view of the island, and simply just appreciate the architecture, history and purpose of this tower.

Do a beach clean up

If you’re going for a surf or just for a walk on the beach, you will definitely stumble upon some trash. Grab a bag and clean up the trash so it won’t be washed into the sea. If you want to help out and meet some amazing kids on the process, you can join one of the weekly beach cleanups. You can find all the info on their FB pages S.E.A. Movement, GromnationsiargaoThesuncrew. They need your help. Mother Nature needs your help. And this would be a great way to give back.


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