Trim your Hair During your Self-quarantine

It is so fascinating to think that quarantine has given us time to discover more of our hidden talents and ourselves as well. Amidst the pandemic, maybe some of us have discovered many talents such as cooking dishes, doing the maintenance on the house, sharpen their computer skills, and a lot more.

But for some who lived with their brothers, husband, dad, or a male friend. Seeing them miserable with their caveman-like hair might be annoying or you are just too caring to see them like that. There is one way to end this suffering and discover a new talent amidst the self-quarantine.

Giving them a haircut is one way to show your compassion to them. However, this will either make your relationship stronger or lose it. There’s no in-between here. So, before you break your relationship with them, here are some tips that can help prevent the destruction of your bond.

Gather all the necessary equipment

Well, before you start, make sure that you have gathered all the haircut equipment. You will need, of course, a pair of pointed scissors, a clipper, razor, comb, one or two hair clips, a neck brush, a towel, water spray, and a barber’s cape. If you don’t have some of this, you can use some alternatives to proceed with the grooming.

Start with clean hair

Some would prefer not to wash their hair before the grooming starts to save their shampoo. However, this makes cutting difficult, and even a disgusting feeling for your barber. It has a greasy effect due to your sweat/sebaceous glands and hair products might also still in your hair. If you want a smooth and clean groom, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly.

Put a towel and the barber’s cape

To prevent falling the hair into the body which will cause an itchy feeling, this is necessary equipment. If ever there is no barber’s cape, a bigger towel would be an alternative. You can also use the garbage bag as an alternative as well.

Wet the hair

If ever the hair dries out, the water spray bottle will be your weapon to, well, wet the hair. This will be easier for the hair to be cut. The water exposes the hair’s length so you will see lessen it properly.

Clip the hair

While you cruise your scissors across the hair, you may not want to trim unnecessary strands of hair. Once you cut unnecessary hair, you may also cut the ties between your family. So make sure to clip the hair to prevent this from happening.

Razor-over-the-comb technique

Trim your Hair During your Self-quarantine

Make sure to get this right to prevent over cutting the hair. Use the clip systematically. You need to start from the temple, back to the head, to the other temple. When you skip a side, this will cause an uneven cut.

Scissor-over-comb technique

You can alternate this with the razor-over-the-comb. You can also do this technique if there are no available razors. Use this technique from the bottom to the top by holding the comb horizontally against the head. As you trim the hair, make sure that the comb doesn’t move too much to prevent uneven cuts. You can also use this technique to lessen the volume at the top. Slowly remove the hair clip then trim it layer by layer just like the barbers did it. You can start from the back of the head to the front by using your index and middle finger to clip the hair. Repeat this step until you achieve the desired length.

Brush off the trimmed hair

Trim your Hair During your Self-quarantine

As soon as you finish trimming the hair and your customers seems to like it, then there you have it. Brushing off the hair can lessen the itchiness. You can also use a hair blower to dry the hair and blows off the excess. You may now remove the barber’s cape and the towel. Then, you are done!

All people pray to end this suffering to the world. Self-quarantine is necessary to flatten the curve of the victims of the coronavirus. However, this gives a lot of people depression inside their homes, since the routines we usually do have stopped suddenly.

But when we look at the bright side, this gives us more time to ourselves and our family. It gives us a way to rediscover ourselves from the things we thought we cannot achieve. The social-distancing makes us more social to others. The quarantine also gives us take a break from the noise of the city and our work life. It gives us more time to breathe and focus our attention on what matters to us.

This pandemic can indeed be stressful as well. However, this does not mean that we should neglect our appearances. We must pamper ourselves from time to time to relieve our stress.

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