I wont start by saying “Cabal”, “illuminati” or “5G project” are causing CoronaVirus SARS-COV-2 because hey, that’s conspiracy theory and no one likes that *wink wink*.

The world has been taking over by a pandemic – the Coronavirus- formerly known as COVID-19, shutting down entire countries, schools, universities, gyms and community centers; everyone is on lockdown and people fear each other like never before.

It is a long article and yes I know you have attention deficit: Social media Facebook & Instagram hired individuals called “attention engineers” who borrowed principles from Las Vegas Casino to try and make these products as addictive as possible; that dopamine addiction, apps ripping apart the social fabric of how society works, you get a shiny treat in exchange for minutes of your time and bytes of your data which then they packaged up and sold. You don’t realise it, but you are being programmed as per former SEO of Facebook “Chamath Palihapitiya” it’s 400% spike of dopamine that’s is equivalent to Cocaine, nothing is wrong with that I guess but wait…. This will affect your brain function and focus permanently…

Bare with me, read, educate yourself, research and take back control of your brain – don’t be a sheep.

What to expect during our friendly COVID-19 AKA Corona Virus take over? I am about to answer several questions – read on, what else do you have to do?

How long will the lockdown and social distancing last?

Social Distancing corona

Most countries said 2-4 Weeks and life will be back no normal, this can’t be further from the truth: best case scenario 4-5 months, according to experts. We need between 6 to 8 months to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections any shorter action would not be enough to do anything. During that time millions of companies will go bankrupt, people will be broke and some hungry and that’s in our first world countries. In second and third world countries expect riots, violence, robberies; martial law will take place just like it in certain parts of Asia and as the rest of the countries are ready for it as well.

If you think that’s going to stop the spread of the virus? Don’t be ridiculous… the goal is to really avoid having everyone infected at once because that would overwhelm our already broken and outdated medical system.

Surprisingly Wuhan the city where the COVID-19 aka CoronaVirus started, only locked down between January 23 and march 19 – to date it reported no new “known” locally transmitted cases, so it went back to 0 isn’t that magical? Just after they blocked every social media and start the law against anyone that says anything bad in relation to china and the covid-19.

Canadian government fund to received your 2000$/Month Here is the link for the application and here is the link for the information provided by the government and it’s Partners. Read the fine prints and who’s eligible.

Did the corona virus Covid-19 start because of bat soup ?

Bat Soup Coronavirus

Now let’s state the obvious, doesn’t heat kill the virus? And don’t you need to boil that poor bat for hours before you devour his delicious flesh? Alright am with you, let’s say it did survive, any virus requires the same protein as it’s former’s host.

The molecular landscapes where viruses impinge upon our respiratory and immune system cells. Targeting COVID-19 is especially challenging, because efforts to develop a vaccine against its relative, the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV), elicit only partial responses. But those steps are now serving as jumping off points for pharma.

The relationship between viruses and humans can seem like a science fiction plot. The viruses that make us sick may be little more than snippets of genetic material borrowed, long ago, from human genomes. Packaged with their own proteins, viruses return to our bodies, taking over to make more of themselves.


A virus isn’t a cell, isn’t even considered alive. It’s a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a coat of proteins, some attached to sugars (glycoproteins).

Many familiar viral pathogens – those that cause cold, flu, hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola, rabies, dengue, and yellow fever – are RNA Viruses, notorious for mutating rapidly and unable to correct errors.

The “body” of COVID-19 is basically a genome enveloped in glycoproteins, with a smear of fat and bearing the crown of spikes that inspired the name “coronavirus.”

In Short It wasn’t it can’t be, the video that woman eating the bat soup that started this whole charade was taken in 2016 by the famous travel blogger Wang Mengyun long before corona.

What to expect after we tame the Coronavirus beast ?

Corona Covid-19 empty streets

For starter In winter season 2018 over 80,000 people died of the flu in the U.S alone again don’t take my word for it here is the link from the CDC directly if you research how many death there was world wide I am sure the numbers will trump coronavirus, yet it was not a pandemic so why is it now ?

Expect your favourite restaurants to be closed, millions of businesses shutting down, social distancing to continue, hate and fear between people, and a decade for the economy to get back, so a recession and depression that wouldn’t be a progression see… it rhyms

What is CoronaVirus ? does it really exist ?

CoronaVirus Molecular image

COVID-19 does indeed exist, it’s not a hoax as some people believe, it’s a flu virus that falls in the categories of SARS “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” which means it affects the lungs, Covid-19 Make you cough it may also cause a runny nose and fever and in severe cases respiratory difficulties in mainly elderly and people that have existing health issues, Now this coronavirus cause the flu an ordinary flu as confirmed by more and more doctors worldwide, the chance that would die from it is very small, mostly old sick and weakened people would die from it, so why all the panic ? In simple it’s a media driven pandemic, read on I got a lot more to say about Coronavirus.

Where did Covid-19 Coronavirus start? Is Coronavirus Man made?

Wuhan BioSafety Lab Coronavirus

BEIJING, December 30, 2019
Shi Zhengli’s cell phone rings – moments, after she had a look at some mysterious patient samples that arrived at WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) earlier that day.
The Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently detected a new coronavirus after two patients with atypical pneumonia were found – they’re bringing Dr. Shi on board to investigate since she’s known as the “bat women” in China; she spent over 16 years on researching viruses related to bats.
The people are worried: a new pathogen could cause a serious public health threat, if handled the wrong way, a pandemic even. Why? Because it belongs in the same family as the bat borne virus SARS, which infected 8000 people between 2002 and 2003, hundreds of people were dying.
But it’s only two people so far – at this point, everything seems to be under control.

April 5th, 2020
1,237,420 confirmed cases – 67,260 deaths. The whole earth seems to stand still at the moment and so does the economy – people are hungry, losing their jobs and everything that isn’t a grocery store remains closed. If Dr. Shi were to look outside her window in Beijing now, she wouldn’t see the usually crowded streets – all she’d see would be a ghost town, since people all over the world are forced by law to stay at home. Only the hospitals are crowded, by patients … and body bags.

What role does Dr. Shi Zhengli play it this?

 Dr. Shi Zhengli Virologist CoronaVirus

In 2015, Scientists in North Carolina started conducting researches in the gain of function components in Corona viruses – one of them was Dr. Shi, a Chinese virologist and researcher, who later went back to Wuhan.

What does the gain of function components mean?

Basically, the researchers took the 2003 SARS virus carried by bats and reverse engineered the genetic coding inside the virus and also added new proteins to allow the virus to be more efficient – inside human lungs. At the same time it’s also getting more potent against vaccinations. This new virus contains a gain in pathogenesis “which is a gain of function” as they claimed in the research paper.
For the people in the last row: Pathogenesis describes the biological mechanism that leads to a diseased state. They take a virus and make it more potent, more lethal.

Check out this article about how to keep your house sanitized during CoronaVirus Outbreak

The Virus, or “hybrid virus” how they call it in an official research paper, was created in November 2015 at the University at Chapel Hill – highlights of this creation have been published and can be looked up.
In the list of “scholars” you will find Dr. Shi Zhengli, who also is the representative of the Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety at Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Her research has publically been funded by a number of US Government Grants AND several Grants from various Chinese Institutions.
Other scientists, who were worried about a breakout of this mutated virus were worried – and ignored.
After learning how to perform gain of function, Dr. Shi returned to Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory located in Zhengdian Scientific Park of Wuhan Institute of Virology , the only BSL-4 lab that is able to handle and manipulate a Virus such as Coronavirus… and in November 2019 Patient zero of Covid-19 gets detected in Wuhan. As you will see in the Video I linked below, the word “Virus” and “Viruses” have been censored – in order to control what the people are allowed to receive as info and what they’re not allowed to? Freedom of speech will be overrated or even suspended in the name of “Public Safety” and also you should expect more Laws, Rules and Even worse Censoring.
Whether the virus was released or a possible outbreak happened, the first infections started in Wuhan close to the only BSL-4 Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan where obviously Dr. Shi is located and was working on the actual virus as well.
And at the same time the whole world seemed to forget about natural disasters, the fire in California, Australia and Amazon, as if all the problems disappeared and we’re left with nothing but the CoronaVirus to fill up our news and scare us further, while distracting us from what’s happening around the world.

Possibly a coincidence –  what do I know ?

Dr. Shi research on CoronaVirus: here is the link

Check this video out as well I am sure you will find it interesting

Corona origins

Let’s call these 1/4  more articles dropping soon

If you enjoyed reading my article Check this one as well Corona Conspiracy Theory

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